The music program at Robina State School is noted for its excellence and prominent position in the school's culture.

The popular instrumental program has risen to great status over the past decade with our school winning the 'Most Outstanding Primary School' award at the Gold Coast Eisteddfod on numerous occasions.

The instrumental program operates as part of the larger music program encompassing an extensive classroom component and choral groups catering to a wide cross section of the school community.

Robina State School’s emphasis on excellence in the arts stems from innovative practices and an ethos celebrating the many advantages of developing a meaningful music program within the curriculum.


At Robina State School, technology is an integral part of the innovative learning experience in Music Classes. We do not simply teach music, but rather technology is used to enhance our curriculum, support inclusivity, offer differentiated learning opportunities, and build technical skills on individual instruments to encourage students to become resilient learners in small and large ensemble settings.

The music ethos

The music staff at Robina, with the support of the administrative team and fellow class teachers, uphold music as a highly important focus within a child’s education. Comprehensive studies have shown that studying a musical instrument has many positive flow-on effects to other areas of learning.

When playing a musical instrument, students are engaging in mathematical, linguistic, spatial and creative thinking. They are also honing their fine- motor skills whilst developing their individual confidence through performance and their team-work skills through working with ensemble.

The band program

Teacher: Ms Nicole Elkins

Bachelor of Creative Arts - Music, Grad Dip Learning & Teaching (Primary), Master of Learning & Development (Education Leadership)

Student numbers: 130

Year levels involved: 4 - 6


  • Senior Band (an advanced primary group with a focus on developing musicianship and technique)
  • Intermediate Band (for students in their second year of playing. Players develop greater independence within the group)
  • Junior Band (for students in their first year of playing)
  • Senior and Intermediate Jazz Bands (a select groups of players focusing on developing improvisation techniques through Jazz and Rock music)
  • Percussion Ensemble (for students with a love of rhythmic precision)

The strings program

Teacher: Ms Helen Hurst

Diploma of Music, Graduate Diploma of String Pedagogy

Student numbers: 110

Year levels involved: 3 - 6


  • Beginner Strings (for students in their first year of playing)
  • Intermediate Strings (for students in their second year of playing. Players develop greater independence within the group)
  • Senior Strings (an advanced primary group with a focus of precision and musicality)
  • Chamber Strings (A select group of our most advanced string players)

Classroom music

Teacher: Ms Fiona Urie

Diploma of Teaching (Primary), Master Of Education

Year Levels involved: Prep - 6

Program highlights

  • Integrated sequential music program from Prep - 6 with a half hour lesson for each class per week
  • Intensive study focus of the recorder in years 3 and 4
  • Percussion classes in Year 5
  • Tuned percussion classes in Year 2 and 6
  • Senior (Year 4 - 6) and Junior (Year 2 - 3) choirs
  • Whole school singing events
Last reviewed 09 May 2019
Last updated 09 May 2019