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 Supporting Successful Transitions
Children must be 5 by 30 June in the year they start Prep.
Starting school is an exciting and significant time in every child’s life. A positive start to school can lead to children developing a lifelong love of learning. Transition to school begins well before a child starts school and ends when your child feels safe, secure and a sense of belonging at school.
The ROBINA State School PREP Transition Program involves a range of experiences that will help your child gain the skills and confidence they need to adjust to the school environment.
The transition program incorporates:
• School Information
• School Tours
• Family Orientation Session
• Enrolment Information Session
• Readiness Screen Appointment
• Enrolment Interview
• Student Orientation Sessions
Available at local Early Childhood Education and Care Services, Robina SS Office, Family Orientation Sessions or School Website. .The tour is part of Family Orientation or can be arranged separately by contacting the school office.
Annually a series of Family Orientation Sessions are held starting in June to provide local families the opportunity to learning about the Robina State School Prep program and the transition plan to support children and their families make a successful transition to Prep. See the attached Prep Information sheet for the dates for the current year.
Enrolment involves making an Application for Student Enrolment, proof of date of birth and part payment of the resource contribution scheme. As a parent of a child enrolling at Robina SS you are expected to attend the enrolment session to understand the Enrolment Agreement, school policies and procedure.  Several enrolment sessions are scheduled following the Family Orientation Sessions. Attendance at the Enrolment Sessions ensures that you complete all of the necessary paperwork to enable your child to enrol. See the Prep Information sheet for the dates for the current year.
At the Enrolment Session you will schedule your child’s Readiness Screen appointment.  If you are unable to attend one of these sessions you can contact the school to arrange a suitable time.
Robina State School uses the BRIGANCE Early Childhood Screens to identify developmental needs quickly and accurately. The BRIGANCE Early Childhood Screens allow teachers to easily identify developmental delays and giftedness in language, motor, self-help, social-emotional and cognitive – all in 15 to 20 minutes per child.
Parents book an available 30 minute appointment for the BRIGANCE Early Childhood Screen at the Enrolment Sessions. The appointment times are flexible and usually take place between August and September. Times are available for late enrolments in October.
Parents can arrange an enrolment interview after the BRIGANCE Early Childhood Screen has been completed to discuss the results and provide further information about their child and their needs as a learner.
The Orientation Sessions are designed to help child become familiar with the school environment and routines are an important component of your child’s transition to school. The days are scheduled in November and the dates for the year are on the Prep Information sheet.
Successful transitions improve social skills, reduce behavioural problems and ultimately improve academic behaviours